Jack King-Spooner's games have been lovely, visually powerful experiences filled with creative use of clay and watercolor. Crafted with personal touches, jokes, and surreal, dream-like atmospheres, they evoke all manner of emotions. Now, many of King-Spooner's older works have been collected in Jack in the Box: the Collected Works of Jack-King Spooner. From the hilarious, nightmarish hellscapes of Will You Ever Return to the glitchy spacescapes of Sluiggish Morss, this collection will satiate the curiosity of those who want to learn more about the developer's earlier work in games and music (while also helping fund future games). Not bad considering it's probably less than the price of a combo at the local burger joint that's been slowly killing you with grease.


Jack in the Box: The Collected Works of Jack King-Spooner is available for $4.99 (or higher donation) on Itch.io, with all proceeds going to replacing the developer's computer so they can continue making games. For more information on the games and the developer, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on GameJolt, Itch.io, and Twitter.