guild1.pngEven though it's becoming increasingly improbable to be into games and not run into dungeon crawlers and rogue-likes around every other corner, the Guild of Dungeoneering actually felt refreshing. Yes, and that's despite also managing to cram another well-used gameplay mechanic, card based combat, in its brilliantly presented self. Oh, and a bit of dungeon building too, but as any game designer worth her (or his) salt would tell you, features and a list of mechanics alone do not make a game good.

Gambrinous [edit: oops], the team responsible for the Guild of Dungeoneering, apparently do.

They have created a beautiful game you see --one that feels unique and clever-- filled with cute jokes and great ideas. A very well designed boardgame-like offering with hand-drawn graphics, where you act essentially as a cross between a dungeon master and a hero manager, while occasionally handling some excellent card-based combat.

guild2.pngGuild of Dungeoneering tasks its players with running a most heroic build that has to be expanded in order to attract increasingly exotic fighters who will be sent on rather deadly missions. In dungeons. Dungeons the players themselves will construct tile-by-tile and then hope to guide the heroes to survival by placing monsters and treasures in them, as the heroes level up and grab enough loot to prepare themselves for tough battles -- and build up a formidable combat deck.

Impressively, each section of the game effortlessly flows into the next, creating an addictive and deeply enjoyable whole. And, yes, even after 7 hours of varied missions and dozens of heroic burials I'm far from being over with this one.

The Guild of Dungeoneering is available now for Windows and Mac on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store.