The 2015 Indie Game Making Contest, with its prize pool funded by the currently available Game Making Bundle at humblebundle.com, has announced they have brought on a special celebrity guest judge, Daniel Emmons of the critically acclaimed video series Extra Credits.

The sale, which currently has grossed over one million US Dollars in sales, has contributed to a prize pool of over fifty-five thousand for the contest, with twenty thousand of it slated to be awarded to the winner. The winner of the event will also receive non-cash benefits including promotion by Degica, who is helping sponsor the event.

Joining Emmons on the panel of judges for the event currently is Forgotten Realms author Ed Greenwood, former fragdoll Kimberly "Sabre" Weigend, and last year's winner, Team Isolation, creators of Remnants of Isolation. Emmons' Extra Credits series on YouTube features explores the industry, the art, and the development process of the gaming industry and the good that gaming can bring through its unique status as an interactive art form.

The contest will accept submissions until August 7th, and encourages people wanting to make a game to get moving forward on their ideas. With the expanse of tools available in the Humble Bundle, folks have been already been submitting their games to the contest and delving into game development for the first time. In addition to the main prize, the makers of each game engine featured in the bundle are expected to award smaller prizes for the best game made with their engine.