Ever since the great success of Jotun on Kickstarter back in 2014, I have been following the game as closely as possible. I was enthralled by the game's gorgeous hand-drawn visuals and its compelling premise. Jotun puts you in the shoes of Thora, who died an inglorious death, and must now prove herself to the Gods in order to enter Valhalla.

Back in April, the alpha for Jotun was released, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy. After a few hours of playing, and many deaths at the hands of the deadly Winter Jotun, I wrote up a short impressions article. In the article, I discussed how much I enjoyed the gorgeous aesthetic of the game, and also went into a bit of detail regarding the combat system.

As I've already gone into my impressions on the game itself, I feel that a brief recap is all that will be needed to refresh our memories regarding Jotun. During my time in the alpha, I really enjoyed the combat system. It was simple enough to grasp, but also required a bit of finesse and skill to master. If you wanted to defeat the Winter Jotun, you had to become familiar with the way combat worked, and understand how to time your attacks and avoid his.


Wandering through the alpha's snow-covered environments was a joy. The feeling of loneliness is something that I can clearly recall, even a few months after playing the game. I saw not another soul as I struggled my way through the biting winds to gather the power necessary to defeat the Winter Jotun. I remember walking on the frozen lake, and seeing the silhouette of a terrifying sea monster swimming just below the lake's surface. The emotional response that Jotun was able to deliver in such a short time was impressive, to say the least, and left me wanting more.

Jotun's beta showcases a brand new environment: Nidavellir, which is described as an underground realm of "treasure and darkness". Nidavellier is the home of the dwarves, but also plays host to a dangerous being. Fé, the powerful Cave Jotun, awaits Thora in the depths of the realm. Thora must defeat Fé in an attempt to continue her quest for entry into Valhalla.


I found the new environment to be very refreshing, as it was a fantastic change of pace from the winter realm of the alpha. Knowing that the first two environments are so diverse leaves me looking forward to seeing what other locations we can expect to visit in the future. The beta's combat was still as smooth as ever, and presented some fantastic opportunities to test your skill.

Simply put, Jotun is an impressive game. Between the art style, the design of the characters, and the fantastic combat, there is just nothing negative that can be said about the segments that we've been given access to thus far. The worst thing about Jotun is the fact that we have to wait for it to be finished! If you'd like to keep up with the development of Jotun, be sure to visit the official site.