Sometimes it can be difficult to find something genuinely intriguing on Greenlight. A plethora of deserving titles get lost in the shuffle thanks to overwhelming quantity of titles on the service. I'd like to bring your attention to a game recently launched on to Greenlight, an exploratory point and click adventure game called Mind-Mecca, by developer Synthetic Memories.

Mind-Mecca has a stark, minimalist aesthetic to deliver its narrative and logic puzzles. According to the Greenlight page, a journey that appears to start in a cell will teach you patience as you progress and unravel the puzzles about your surroundings and make your way through the game. One thing the developers are claiming the game enforces through its aesthetic is a world without heat. Its monochromatic visuals and its mechanical sounds are meant to convey this idea.

The imagery presented in trailers for the game is extremely evocative and compelling. They also show some interesting uses of light, including pulses and emission from your mouse cursor. I am intrigued to see how these could play out in terms of puzzle-solving, and while they do show off some more traditional puzzle designs, they are presented in such an interesting style I can't help but be drawn in and want to see more.

Synthetic Memories lists amongst their inspirations for their first title games such as Riven and Another World, as well as films from directors like Stanley Kubrick and Terry Gilliam. The stark, yet somewhat surreal aesthetic of Mind-Mecca certainly illustrates this inspiration, as well as the tone they intend on conveying through their game and its narrative.

This is a Greenlight title I am definitely interested to see come to Steam. I think its aesthetic will appeal to a lot of adventure game fans, and I believe it's worth keeping an eye on. As a first title for a new studio, seeing it get onto Steam would be a big benefit for them and also for players looking for a puzzle game with a style of its own.