nova111.pngNova-111 stands out for its unusual combination of turn-based strategy and real-time elements.

It's received a ton of positive acclaim at game shows this past year, including a spot in the PAX10 Selection in 2014, a runner-up for best game design at BitSummit 2014, and a finalist at last year's IndieCade.

Now, the quirky space-time strategy game is finally on its way. It'll be out on Steam (PC, Mac, and Linux) and PS Vita on August 25th.

Last year, Funktronic's Eddie Lee spoke about the goals of Nova-111's unique approach to strategy: "Our ultimate goal was to innovate [on] classic turn-based gameplay by injecting real-time game elements into it! We want the urgency of real-time games with the strategy of turn-based games."

Check out the trailer below or head to the Nova-111 website for more info.