After a wildly successful Greenlight campaign, the real-time TCG from Dragon Foundry is heading to Kickstarter to help push it to completion. Promising familiar TCG mechanics but with innovative, fast-paced gameplay, Nova Blitz is trying to set itself up for success in the crowded digital card game market.

Nova Blitz is a TCG that wants to be playable in a few minutes, rather than ponderous duels. By playing in real-time, your powers, attacks, and blocks occur quickly, and instead of being reactive to your opponent, it asks you to anticipate and play proactively.

With planned support for online tournament play built in to the game, the game should attract competitive players who are keen on showing their mastery of the game's five Aspects of Energy -Arcane, Tech, Divine, Nature, and Chaos. Each of these promises to have their own strengths and styles. Despite similarities to other card games, Dragon Foundry claims the game will feature a unique shuffler that removes "mana screw" from this familiar equation.

The free to play title should live up to its name as a TCG, thanks to planned support of trading in-game with other players, and the buying and selling of cards through Steam Marketplace. To top it off, there is expected to be cross-platform play between Mac and Windows, as well as planned iOS and Android support later on.

Dragon Foundry is made of veterans from several major companies in various forms of gaming, both video and traditional, as well as other tech related industries. With developers, designers, and artists formerly from places like Wizards of the Coast, Valve, ArenaNet, Disney, Playdom, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, the company has plenty of experience and skill to call on through the development process.

As a huge fan of card games, I'm genuinely excited for Nova Blitz. Being able to play through games quickly is really appealing, and I look forward to playing a game where I can trade or sell my digital cards. I think card game fans should keep this on their radar, as the market can use something fresh like this game.