In the world of Piloteer, jetpacks are seen as dangerous inventions and shunned - unfairly, too, according to the game's player character. In an effort to prove society wrong, it's your job to strap one to your back and do some awesome aerial stunts.

Unfortunately, it goes about as well as doing a lap in QWOP.

Like QWOP, Piloteer's flimsy physics makes failure fun, and once you do find a way to overcome its tough, precision-based controls and land a stunt, it's all the more fulfilling.

Unless you're really good, though, you'll spend most of the time after blast off flailing around in the air, trying to pull off flips and face-planting instead, overshooting landing spots, and splatting into cliffs, cars, lamp posts, and the occasional airborne object.

You can buy Piloteer now for $2.99 on iOS and Android.

It should find its way onto Steam sometime soon, so look out for a release date.