Every now and again, I love to sit down and spend a half-hour browsing through the titles that are listed on Steam Greenlight. While many people find the service to be a joke, and avoid it like the plague, I've always found it to be a source of unique and interesting games that many people seem to unfortunately overlook. Today's browsing led to the discovery of Angry Arrows, a local multiplayer game about saving damsels and shooting arrows; not necessarily in that order.

I'll be completely honest. My first thoughts after reading the title of the game immediately led to me thinking it was going to be a Towerfall ripoff. I was expecting to find a side-scrolling 2D game where you shot arrows and your friends, had a laugh, and then left angry. What I instead found was a game that, although it features a simple premise, seems to be an extremely competent and challenging experience.

Angry Arrows can be played locally with up to 3 other players, for a total of 4 players. Your only objective is to rescue the girl that is being held captive by dangerous enemies. While some may find this goal to be a bit silly, I like the fact that the game has set out with a simplistic objective, and is going to let the gameplay speak for itself. Angry Arrows will not have you embarking on fantastic adventures, or exploring ancient ruins. Instead, you will be dodging enemy (and potentially friendly) arrows as you fire back your own in an attempt to clear a path to the captured girl.


Since the game relies heavily on teamwork, it will be very important to communicate with your fellow players. Stealth is a very viable strategy in Angry Arrows, meaning that you can sneak around enemies and pick them off one-by-one instead of running in like a crazy person. However, if the latter is more your speed, then you are free to do that as well.

Although Angry Arrows is a co-operative game first and foremost, there is also a versus mode where you can face your friends in four unique game modes. Being someone who often participates in local gaming nights, it's always fantastic to have another game to add to the collection, and Angry Arrows looks like it may be the perfect addition to our lineup. There is no better feeling in gaming than destroying a friend who is sitting directly next to you, and Angry Arrows gives you the opportunity to do just that.


On top of the versus mode, Angry Arrows features a wave-based survival mode, a 25-level campaign, and a randomly generated "rogue" mode. With a nice variety of game modes, and the inclusion of purchasable upgrades, there should be no shortage of new things to try in Angry Arrows. Using gold that you gather through gameplay, you can purchase new arrows and abilities that will allow you to gain the upper hand against your foes.

Currently, Angry Arrows is seeking votes to make it through Steam Greenlight, so be sure to head over there and leave some feedback and a vote if you have an interest in the game. If you're eager to get your hands on it, you can grab the early access version for PWYW on itch.io.