Mobile gaming is a crowded section of the industry, and being able to stand out from the other games is always going to be trying. Yet these are the games everyone is playing more and more of, so it's important to spread word about some of the good ones. Developer Once A Bird has brought out a very good game for mobile players in their puzzler, Suit Suit Go.

It's not a complicated game by any means. You slide around very stylized playing cards to make sequences, either by rank within a single suit in descending or ascending order, or by matching ranks across three or four suits. This core mechanic carries the bulk of the gameplay, with a couple key intricacies.

First, creating a sequence will remove all the cards but the last one, which is ascended or descended in rank depending on the direction of the sequence. These cards which are removed are replaced with random new ones to let you continue. The second intricacy pertains to the replacing. If you create a four suit sequence of the lowest ranked card remaining, those card are prevented from spawning on that level any further.

As you play, you'll understand how these mechanics play out fairly quickly, as the game explains itself very well. The campaign mode gives you increasingly more complicated boards with more ambitious targets to reach. They are reasonably challenging and very fun to get sunk into. You can easily spend a lot of time playing through a single level.

The downside to this is if you fail, you'll have to start over again on the level completely. This can be annoying, but I don't think it hinders the game too much. Playing the game itself is enjoyable enough that playing it more isn't too much of a drawback. In an interesting decision, there's a lives system, which regenerates over time, meaning you can only retry a level so often in a row. The time to regen isn't long though, and my total never dropped below two.

There are video ads for this mobile title, so be warned if that is something that turns you off a game. To the game's credit, I only saw them after completing a level, and they were quick to allow me to skip them. If you complete levels quickly, then this may become irritating, though I think the levels by design are long enough to pace out the advertising.

Aesthetically, this game is cute and endearing. The cards are all little characters with silly faces based on their suits, there's an antagonist who is best described as an evil wizard playing card, and the cards make quaint sounds as you move them around. It's by no means stellar, but the warm presentation is a really welcome touch.

It's always good to have an inviting, yet engaging selection of games on our mobile devices. Whether on a commute, enjoying some fresh air, or just sitting around fiddling with your tablet or phone, having games like Suit Suit Go is a great way to pass the time. Its easy to learn and offers a lot of gameplay in a simple package. If you're into puzzle games, give it a try. If you're not, you might be turned away by the length of the levels, but I still suggest trying it out regardless if you're curious. It might just suit you.