In AntharioN, you and a band of heroes must pull together and save the world! Unless you get sidetracked breaking into houses, making potions, reading books, or doing any of the number of things you can do in this tactical, turn-based isometric RPG. I mean, folks would really prefer that you save the world, but no one is going to judge you if you decide to screw around with NPCs instead, tricking them into doing what you want or just generally making a menace of yourself. The open world of AntharioN is there for you to do with it as you will, especially since it's available right now.


Orphic Software has invoked older games like Ultima VII and Baldur's Gate in AntharioN, giving players a ton of freedom to approach the game. You can compose your party however you like, drawing from seven races, nine classes, and fifteen different skills as you build your crew. After that, it's up to you what you want to do. Should you choose to do missions for townsfolk and follow the game's story, don't expect to have your hand held, though. If someone tells you there's a dungeon to the north, you're expected to remember that and find it yourself without someone putting a big arrow and pathway on the map. You're on your own save for a few hints from people, books, and other sources, as your adventure is truly your own to carve out.


Still, you can just as easily decide to start robbing people and generally causing trouble. Maybe that NPC sassed you. Maybe you're a little short on gold. Start fights, rob people, or maybe leave the land and sail the seas, looking for hidden islands when you finally get yourself in enough trouble from the previous two things. Just make sure you're well-armed and experienced with the turn-based combat before you do it. AntharioN is open to whatever you want to do with it, so if you're feeling a little aimless but know you want some tactical combat, go give it a look.

AntharioN is available for $17.99 from the developer's site, the Humble Store, and Steam. For more information on the game and Orphic Software, you can follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.