swindle1.pngI had been waiting for The Swindle for quite some time now. Probably ever since the first time Dan of Size Five games (and Ben There, Dan That! fame) mentioned a London-based steampunk crime caper would eventually happen, which must have been a good few years ago and, well, finally and as you may have already guessed, the thing did just materialize on Steam for Windows and Mac.

Is it any good though? Why, yes, yes it is. The Swindle is a beautiful and atmospheric game, sporting well selected words, a wonderful steampunk London, silly names and all the excitement a destitute burglar could ever hope to handle. It's a well balanced game too. One that requires you to break into buildings, disable those pesky police robots, hack security systems, avoid traps and platform around with all the cash you can carry with you.

Hopefully you might even survive and make it back to your airship headquarters where you'll scheme and plot and upgrade your burgling capabilities, while looking for a way to steal the dreaded Basilisk the police will be deploying in 100 days.

Swindle2.pngSo, would I consider The Swindle to be perfect? Sadly, no. Though I do love its aesthetics and really appreciate how brilliantly it sometimes works, I must admit I was slightly disappointed by its grindy nature and --occasionally-- I was irritated at the controls themselves. Nothing a patch and a bit of training couldn't fix, but still...

Seriously though, why does everything have to be a rogue-like these days?

Ah, well, we do not live in a perfect world, I know, and taking this harsh reality into account I cannot help but recommend The Swindle.