wibblewobble.pngWhat else is there to say?

Your goal in Wibble Wobble is to collect stars and avoid dangers, all while trying to get around in a constantly wibbling and wobbling world.

Wibble Wobble was made for the #indiesvsgamers jam hosted by Game Jolt and is probably the wibbliest wobbliest game from Daniel Linssen (creator of The Sun and Moon).

The world's constant shifting (I won't say wibbly wobbly anymore) can be used for or against you. When the land ripples upwards, it makes it easier to propel into the sky and grab the floating stars. But when it retracts downwards, it exposes a harmful red substance that, if you touch, results in an instant game over.

Touching the red spikes also prompts a game over, as spikes in video games are wont to do.

You can download Wibble Wobble for free from Game Jolt or itch.io. It's currently Windows only.