your-story-splashscreen.jpgYour Story is a choose your own adventure style interactive fiction game for iOS that was inspired by Robert Frost's poem The Road Not Taken. The game isn't that long; it's designed to be played through at least twice, teasing the true ending the first time. Once that true ending is seen, the player unlocks two hours of developer commentary and gains the ability to modify character stats on the fly to see all of their possible options in every scene.

I don't want to say too much about the story itself, but it starts at a forked path in a snowy wood. The player is searching for their best friend who is somewhere ahead of them, but the player doesn't know which path their friend took. In looking for their friend, they'll deal with encounters strange and mundane, dangerous and not.

One thing that's neat about Your Story is that dying doesn't set the player back to square one. Any stat increases are preserved, making it easier to get to the end of the game and reflecting the fact that the player is more knowledgeable about the game and avoid pitfalls more easily. Another thing Your Story does well is accessibility. It's a native iOS app that supports VoiceOver and text magnification for people with vision impairments. The ability to magnify text can also help players who get motion sick when reading in moving vehicles.

Your Story's developer, Joshua Auriemma, is a descendant of Robert Frost. He never got to meet his famous forebearer, though. " I have always been intrigued by peoples' misinterpretation of The Road Not Taken," Auriemma says. "Most people seem to think the road taken completely altered the protagonist's life. But Robert occasionally noted this wasn't the point of the poem: the road not taken often affects our life experiences, but presumably we end up where we're meant to end up. To explore that general theme, I spent my lunch breaks over the past six months independently developing a minimalist Universal iOS interactive story app that literally begins at the decision point between divergent paths in the woods."

The Road Not Taken might have inspired the creation of Your Story, but going into the game knowing that allowed the game to surprise me with the direction it took. It's really not what you might expect. The developer commentary, simple audio clips of the developer talking about the game and its creation process, is as interesting as the game itself.

Your Story is a $1.99 universal iOS app available on the Apple app store.