11879182_400993313443809_4464518313047684296_o.pngRaindance LX have announced their upcoming surrealist action-adventure game Between Me And The Night is coming to Steam Early Access on September 4th, 2015. The developers intend on offering a significant amount of gameplay to players in its Early Access period to gather feedback and prepare for the mid-October full release. During the Early Access period, the game will be available at a discounted price.

This stylish action-adventure title looks to explore the fine lines between dual systems such as day and night, good and evil, and sanity and madness. In particular, the cycle between day and night is expected to be one of the main gameplay features. During the day you'll be able to explore and interact with the house the character is in, boosting your skills and uncovering new rooms and areas, while during the night you'll have to decide whether to stay awake and continue exploring, or fall asleep and enter new areas of adventure.

The nameless protagonist should encounter a lot of unnerving and bizarre creatures and situations in his adventures both in the house, and as he falls asleep. The decision to use video games as an in-universe source for some occurrences is a peculiar one, and I'm interested to see what direction that path takes. The transition from the retro aesthetic shown at the beginning of the trailer to the modern stylized one afterwards should also prove to be rather interesting.

This game looks haunting and should definitely be right up the alley of those who are looking for something creepy and surreal at the time of year when this comes out - it seems like a great Halloween game. Those can easily get lost among some of the more obvious horror titles that also come out, but I think Between Me And The Night is worth keeping an eye on. Since the developers are using Early Access as a way to improve the game via player feedback, it might be worth taking a chance on, especially if you're into surreal adventures.