I don't know if you heard a voice going "Wa!" "Hoo hoo!" "Yipee!" in your head as you watched the trailer for PolyKid Games' Poi, but I did. Collecting coins, sliding on your butt, and triple jumping make Poi's inspirations obvious, but that doesn't lessen the appeal of the game's adorable look or devious platforming. Better start working out those legs of yours if you ever intend to take on the mantle of Master Explorer, folks. Your jumping skills are about to be put through some grueling tests.


Poi is the kind of game that makes you wonder where the parents are, since the Master Explorer doesn't seem too concerned about safety. After choosing whether to play a boy or girl, you'll find yourself hopping your way up winding towers, sliding down active volcanoes, and walking tightropes over bottomless pits in your search for the secrets of Poi. While it's nice to find all kinds of coins and explorer medallions while jumping around the island, searching for them seems a little on the lethal side, even for acrobatic children. Someone's going to get chewed out over running across a rolling spiked log that's suspended hundreds of feet in the air.


Not that I imagine the kids, or the people playing them, will be complaining as they take daring leaps across these worlds. Poi's bright colors and varied locations fill the game with a sense of wonder and adventure, one that makes it hard to worry about tumbling down a pit or getting crushed by ancient machinery or falling into fiery magma. The 3D platforming, set across plains at sunset, up complex windmills, and in brilliant sapphire skies, looks like too much fun to pass up over something as trifling as death.

For more information on Poi and PolyKid Games, you can head to the game's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The game is also looking for funding on Kickstarter.