Game characters seem oddly complacent about the strange worlds they find themselves in. Sure, they're ready to face evil and save the kingdom, but what do they think of their quest? Of the living mushrooms and turtles crushed under their heels as they make their way through lava-soaked keeps and broken countrysides? Do they ever question why they jammed that sickening-looking mushroom into their mouth? Why they double in size after ingesting it? Do they worry about the lack of control they have over their own lives? Do they feel contempt at a world that has trivialized their lives and deaths into little more than a game? Ennuigi explores these thoughts, following them down the empty roads and across empty fields.


For all of Luigi's contemplation, he still finds himself walking the same red brick streets and leaning against the same castles, drawing smoke deep into his lungs as his mind drifts. There is little to do besides think, walk, and smoke in Ennuigi, plumbing the depths of the insanity his life has become. These thoughts drift slowly over his head as he looks up at them, exploring the weird world he and his brother have found themselves in. Perhaps the smiles and cries of "Yahoo!" have all been nothing but a cover for a broken man with no other road left to take. Only left to right is open to him any more.


Ennuigi's silly, profound, and uncomfortable thoughts go on for some time as a directionless Mushroom Kingdom is laid out before you. The man has clearly been bottling up a lot of resentment and frightening thoughts about the world, with each thought tinged with sadness. Here, we see one of gaming's biggest icons laid bare - only a man commenting on a lifetime of strange things and events beyond his control. Will you lend him an ear? You only have to open a browser to at least give the poor man someone to air his dark thoughts to.


Ennuigi is available to play for free on the Pico-8 Forums. For more information on the game and Josh Millard, you can follow them on Twitter and their Pico-8 Profile.