Saibot Studios, maker of the horror series Doorways, have announced the conclusion of the series will occur in three parts. Holy Mountains of Flesh Act One, The School, will come to Steam Early Access on August 20th. Using Unity 5, and PBR technology to improve on the visuals, the developers say this will be the most frightening installment of the Doorways series.

Holy Mountains of Flesh will follow the main character of the series, Thomas Foster, to the village of El Chacal in Argentina, as he seeks out the superstitious and wicked family of Juan Torres, known as "The Roaster". Rumours abound about Torres' family, involving black magic, cannibalism, and still more horrifying behaviour. Foster will have to explore and sort out the puzzles before him to unravel the secrets of this sinister family in this first person horror game.

The studio have attempted to greatly improve their presentation in this send off for their series, and the visuals for one have definitely improved. The environments are promised to be bigger and more visually striking than ever before. They've also brought in new voice acting talent, including Agostina Longo, who is best known for portraying Jodie in the Latin version of Beyond: Two Souls.

In a final, intriguing part of their announcement, they are creating something that they say is not a video game to help the buildup to Holy Mountains of Flesh. Saibot Studios are not forthcoming with much information on this front, save to say they've partnered with independent filmmakers, including Andrés Borghi, whom they describe as one of the most important indie filmmakers in Argentina.

Building up atmosphere is possibly the most important part of horror, and it looks like Saibot Studios are fully committed to making the finale of their project its atmospheric best. With new tools, and new talent both in the game itself and in connected works, they look to be creating a work that horror fans may want to follow closely. With its Early Access debut coming on August 20th, anyone eager to see what this finale has to offer can get a significant taste of the first act, and with the full release planned for either late 2015 or early 2016, folks who are hesitant about the Early Access build should have enough time to watch the game progress before deciding.