In the gaming community, there are many people who will argue that graphics do not matter when it comes to what characteristics define a good game, and these people are exactly right. However, when a game like Everspace comes around, it's hard not to appreciate the game based on the gorgeous visuals we are presented with in the gameplay that has been shown so far. Everspace is an interesting take on the 3D space shooter genre, as it combines this with rogue-like elements to create a game that is both gorgeous and compelling.

First things first, Everspace is beautiful. From the varied color palette that we see in the videos and screenshots, it's easy to tell that the game will be more than impressive visually. While having a great-looking game is always a plus, the real worry on my side is that the gameplay won't feature enough depth to back up the fantastic imagery we're seeing from our cozy cockpit seats.

Everspace is a game from the developers of 'Galaxy on Fire', which was a really entertaining 3D space shooter, that I found surprisingly fun to play on my mobile devices. I never had the chance to dive into the PC releases, or the sequel, but I really enjoyed the time I spent with the original. With a successful background in terms of creating a space shooter, my worries about the controls and combat of the game are a bit less. Since they have already proven multiple times that they can create a space shooter that is compelling, challenging, and controls well, I feel that I can rest easy knowing that Everspace will be just as good, if not an improvement on what we saw in GoF.


Rogue-like elements are combined with the space shooter mechanics to create an experience that I find to be extremely unique and intriguing. While I've never been particularly good at space shooters, I would still love to see just how far I could get with my ship before I inevitably get demolished by some space pirate raiders (or the huge trading convoy that I accidentally shoot at).

Something that I immediately think about upon hearing about the rogue-like nature of Everspace is the potential for a great progression system. Imagine starting out in a small weak ship and lasting only a few minutes. While this is definitely not a fantastic experience, the knowledge that each "run" provides you with upgrades and other items to assist you in further "runs". This progression system works flawlessly in other rogue-like games. The more you play, the more items you unlock, which makes each run more diverse and entertaining. Also, some games even allow you to upgrade your character permanently, meaning that you are stronger each time you embark on another journey. This sort of progression seems like it is made for a space shooter, as I can see myself starting out in a smaller, weak ship and moving my way up to a hulking battleship with shields and awesome weaponry. This idea alone will ensure that I spend a ton of time in Everspace trying to morph my ship into the beefiest form possible.


While some rogue-likes are often light on the story, Everspace boasts a non-linear storytelling system, which they claim fits the nature of the genre. When I heard this explanation, I immediately had a ton of questions: Will we have someone speaking to us through some sort of communication system? Will we find audio logs among ship wreckage? Or will there actually be characters and cutscenes? According to the information we have, it seems that the story will be delivered through cutscenes and flashbacks, which could very well be interesting. I'm definitely looking forward to getting a chance to play Everspace.

Everspace's progression system allows you to improve the starting conditions of your ship for each following run. This means that after each run, you'll be allowed to increase stats like shield capacity, weapon damage, and engine speed. You'll also be able to add weapons, armor, and completely new engines to your ship, meaning that the more you play, the more powerful your ship becomes. Each upgrade will have a large impact on how your ship looks, meaning that you'll constantly be changing the appearance of your ship so that you're not stuck with the same boring design run after run. Finally, each time you die, you'll also get more of the story, which means that dying is an integral part of getting the full experience that Everspace has to offer.


Everspace is one of the more interesting projects I've seen this year. It's obvious that the visuals are mind-blowing, but the actual meat of the game is just as compelling. From an in-depth progression system, to fantastic fast-paced combat, Everspace is looking to create a game that is extremely ambitious, but will be great if it is pulled off properly. If you'd like to help ensure that Everspace can be built up to its full potential, be sure to check out the Kickstarter.