duskers1.jpgIf you remember just how perfectly those schematics and real-time maps worked for Alien and Aliens, you'll have no problem understanding why Duskers is so successful at immersing its players in an evidently dead science fiction world. The universe, a giant graveyard of derelict ships, is waiting to be explored by your drones, who'll have to survive long enough to uncover its mysteries and let you enjoy Duskers' desolate ambiance.

Hopping around space, it will be up to you to scavenge resources, fix your ship and drones, avoid danger and piece together what happened. Being a drone operator though, you'll get to experience the world through the eyes of your robotic minions --each upgradeable and with its own set of abilities-- and the help of the text driven console you'll be using to command them around.


Duskers, you see, is unique in the way it plays. Instead of fiddling with buttons and icons you'll be entering coomands like "motion" to turn on your sensors and "navigate" to move the droids from room to room, though you can also directly control them via WASD. It's a control scheme that, intimidating as it may sound, already works perfectly and makes Duskers' setting all the more believable.

The Duskers early access is available now for Windows on Steam (and via the game's official site). Mac and Linux versions will soon follow.