While the game is a long ways off, the soundtrack for Banned Memories: Yamanashi is already quite fleshed out. It shows a lot of promise for the bleak horror game as it opens with its initial track, First Day Fantasy. It leads in with the sounds of an old music box, one accompanied by a wind-like noise that sounds uncomfortably like rhythmic breathing. Strange tones soon join in, creating this sense of powerful unease in me before I'd so much as looked at a screenshot. Banned Memories is not just taking visual inspiration from older horror games, but is also looking to create that fantastic audio atmosphere that had me jumping at shadows back in the early days of Silent Hill.


Protagonist Hideo has some nebulous connection to an old school that's been shut down. Beloved Yamanashi Academy wasn't so beloved any more once four of its teachers committed some grisly crimes over a course of three years. Also, they all suspiciously passed away within a month of the school's closing. Crazy, right? I'm sure that has nothing to do with the eerie atmosphere of the abandoned school these days, or why people and mannequins are getting fused into some of the world's most frightening-looking inflatable tube guys. Hideo probably should have just ignored his invitation to the ten year reunion.


Developer Noah Pauw has released a stable build of some of the initial areas for those who want to explore the first few areas of Banned Memories. It gives a little hint of the atmosphere and the game's inspirations as you explore the halls by flashlight, finding keys and avoiding combat. It also gives you a chance to enjoy the music in-game, which helps create a powerful discomfort as the camera angles shift and things shuffle about in the shadows. With music this creepy and dream-like, it feels safe to say that this title will only become more frightening and uncomfortable as development continues.

The first stable release of Banned Memories: Yamanashi is available for download on GameJolt. For more information on the game and Gaming Engineer, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on YouTube, Twitter, and GameJolt.