gs.jpgI first played Gathering Sky around this time last year when it went by another name.

The serene, musical game about guiding a flock of birds over vast green valleys and winding cliffs has been on my radar ever since, and now it's finally ready to launch on desktop and mobile devices next Thursday, August 13th.

Read on for its launch trailer.

Gathering Sky is meant to be a friendly to approach and easy to control game, and while it is a relaxing game, it isn't entirely peaceful.

There's an exhilarating quality to swooping through the clouds and watching your flock expand as more birds join in, which escalates even more when the game's vicious eagle baddie zooms through to break apart your synchronized mid-air dance. The game also features an original 45 minute score that pairs well with the expressive harmony of your flock.

You'll be able to buy Gathering Sky for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android on August 13th.