There is little more satisfying in gaming than flying down a track at ludicrous speeds while avoiding the fire of your enemies' weaponry. To cut right to the chase, that is GRIP in a nutshell. A fast-paced, hardcore combat racer, GRIP promises to provide players with an intense, challenging experience that cannot be compared. With the potential to reach speeds of up to 700 km/h, and the ability to drive on walls, ceilings, and just about any surface imaginable, it's easy to see where this claim originates.

GRIP is being developed by Caged Element, and is heavily inspired by the classic Rollcage games of the late 90's/early 2000's. Rollcage was a racing game that allowed you to drive on either side of the car, meaning that if you turned upside-down, you were still good to go. Simply put, Rollcage was an intense experience that featured explosions, fast cars, and an awesome soundtrack. GRIP seeks to take the best elements from Rollcage, and place its own twist on the mechanics to create a game that is even more intense and chaotic.

GRIP is all about driving your vehicle at the most ridiculous speeds you can imagine. Using your speed is important, as maintaining forward momentum will allow you to propel yourself onto walls and ceilings in order to get a position advantage over your opponents. While going at these speeds, it's inevitable that you will frequently flip your vehicle, which is why no matter what position the car is in, you'll still be able to drive it without an issue.


One cool feature of GRIP is its vehicle choice and customization. Each car has its own specs, with some being fast and light, and others bulky and stacked with powerful weaponry. Upon settling on a car, you'll be able to delve in further to customize the look and performance with upgrades that will be earned through gameplay. Examples of parts that can be customized are paint, rims, tires, and body kits, all of which will heavily alter the look of your vehicle to ensure that you can create something absolutely unique.

While racing is a huge part of GRIP, you'll also have to keep an eye out for valuable power-ups that will be scattered throughout the track. Being the first to complete the race means nothing if you haven't doled out enough punishment along the way, which is exactly what these power-ups will help you do. Some currently announced power-ups are the raptor, which is a heavy machine gun; the scorpion, which is a guided missile that you can lock onto vehicles or pieces of the environment; and the aegis, which is a shield for the back of your vehicle that will stop any damage from incoming weapons.


GRIP features several different game modes to keep you entertained, as well as a few that will be added as stretch goals for their Kickstarter campaign. The modes that are currently being added to the game are career mode, which allows you to race your way up the ladder, unlocking new content as you progress. You'll also be able to play arcade and time trial modes. Finally, you'll be able to play multiplayer with your friends both online and locally, as well as have the ability to add bots to fill out the roster of each match.

Caged Element knows and understands all too well the color deficiency that we are experiencing in the gaming community of late. As a result, they've put extra effort into ensuring that each track is colorful and diverse to ensure that they all have their own unique feel and prevent the game from becoming stale. As of right now, there are planets featuring dense alien jungles, sprawling metropolises, frozen tundras, and scorching deserts. With the stretch goals, backers will also have the potential to choose additional planets, meaning that there could be even more variety added to the game's tracks depending on how much funding GRIP receives.


GRIP is being developed in Unreal Engine 4, which means that we can expect some extremely high-quality visuals, and from what we've seen so far, this is definitely the case. The game's fast-paced racing and diverse power-ups will make for a thrilling experience, and I, for one, cannot wait to get a chance to try it out. If you're interested in having a closer look at GRIP, you can find it on Kickstarter, where you can currently leave a contribution to secure your copy of the game (as well as watch the trailer, as it's really fantastic).