Fran hasn't been quite the same since she saw the gruesome dismemberment of her parents. Her mind in shambles from the event, she finds herself in Oswald Asylum, all alone save for the administrations of her doctor. She does have one friend left in the world, though - a cat given to her by her parents. But Mr Midnight has been missing since their murder, and after dreaming of him, Fran decides to escape the asylum and find the last living link to her parents. Her mind isn't quite right, though, and as she searches for her feline friend, reality shifts and breaks down, tumbling into visions of monsters and violence.


Fran Bow follows this young girl on her journey, letting players point and click their way through its puzzles and narrative. The world isn't quite right in Fran's head, though, so players will need to self-administer medications in order to slip from the real world into one that's been stained by the horrific events she witnessed. The innocent, lighthearted art style easily twists to one of bloody eyes and creeping beasts, bouncing between different kinds of terrible places. The imagined monsters, as ghastly as they are, are only a mirror of the awful events she's witnessed, and continues to experience, in the real world, after all.


Not everything is darkness and horror, though. Fran will also find herself on dreamy shores, sharing in the company of wondrous creatures in comforting landscapes. The world of her visions, and that of the real world, will be in constant flux, shifting across an array of emotions as players guide the girl back to the only family she has left. A harrowing journey and an exploration of what the mind does when it witnesses the unspeakable, Fran Bow looks to tell a complex tale when it releases on Steam and GOG on August 27.

Fran Bow will be available on Steam and GOG on August 27, 2015. For more information on the game and Killmonday Games, you can head to the developer's site, the game's site, or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.