Two hits. One of them's a rechargeable shield, though, so I figure it shouldn't be all that challenging to get through Dolphin Island 2, Jan Marcano and James T's entry for the A Game By It's Cover Jam on By using my own impatience against me, though, the devs have created a challenging action platformer that pushes you to speed up when you should really slow down. The enemies aren't going anywhere. Momo will be okay being captured for a few seconds longer. Just relax.


Dolphin Island 2's combat is fast. Enemies are quick, and when they're not, they're durable. Aisha (the main character) is pretty spry herself, but isn't very tough, and her shield takes a while to recharge. It's that speed that makes the game challenging, as Aisha's quick pace makes me want to constantly run and attack, while her shield needs me to slow down and stop. There is very little invincibility time, too, so mistakes can happen in rapid succession. You really need to back off and wait when you take a hit, but it just feels so good to be running and slashing that you forget. Tell yourself you'll be fine. And then you die, over and over again.


It's over all too soon (unless you fight the optional WAY HARDER boss). Sharp and challenging, it's impressive to see what these two developers have put together in a few weeks, but this isn't the end of Dolphin Island 2. The developers are planning on expanding the concept, moving into Metroidvania territory as they work the quick combat and platforming into a full game. I'm very curious to see how the fast-paced, high-stakes combat will transition into a more exploratory game, but in the meantime I have a fun level of a great action game to play.


Dolphin Island 2 is up for voting on the 2015 Indie Game Maker Contest. For more information on it and its developers, you can follow Jan Marcano and James T on Twitter.