I'll confess, I spend a good bit of time browsing Kickstarter every week. From new inventions to books to games, I love seeing what new ideas people are coming up with, and I'm all for contributing a bit of money in order to help bring what I feel is a great idea to fruition. Recently, I was introduced to an extremely interesting twin-stick shooter set in an art-deco/cyberpunk world, Tower 57.

Tower 57 is a really beautiful game. While the graphics may not be amazing or realistic in any way, the art style displays a simple elegance that I found to be extremely compelling. While I was consistently impressed with each environment I saw, what really intrigued me was just how much detail was put into each scene, and I feel that this is what sets it apart from other games in the genre.

When most people think of a twin-stick shooter, they think of a simple arcade game such as Geometry Wars, but it is not typical to think of a game that features a finely-crafted world and a compelling backstory. Usually, the draw of the twin-stick genre is the action-based mechanics that we've come to love, but Tower 57 seems to feature some amazing world design, an interesting story, and some really awesome new mechanics that I haven't seen before in the genre, which really piqued my interest.


Tower 57 is set in a world that was once divided into various Towers, which were created to be utopias that protected and allowed citizens to have a perfect place to live. The Towers were meant to be a place where mankind could live in peace, and forget all of the violent and immoral transgressions of the past. They were supposed to help propel humanity into the future, and ensure that everyone would live happily and safely. However, the inhabitants of the towers were already pre-programmed, so to speak, to be warlike and violent towards each other. Thus, each Tower served as a separate society, and these societies went to war with each other.

Tower 57 allows you to choose from one of six characters that were specially recruited to infiltrate the neighboring Tower 57 and investigate rumors of an impending attack. Each of the six characters features their own unique personality and skills. Three of the six characters have already been announced: the Beggar, the Diplomat, and the Don. While character choice is not always typical in twin-stick shooters, it's one of the reasons that I find the game so compelling and think that it will quickly become a standout of its genre.


On top of featuring a choice of characters, Tower 57 also boasts quite a large weapon variety. Weapon choice is extremely important, as all weapons can interact with the environment, and the weapon you choose to wield will determine how you can interact. Weapons are picked up throughout the levels, or purchased in the hub area, and can also be upgraded so that you can ensure your favorite weapon will remain relevant throughout the game.

Earlier, I mentioned some interesting mechanics that I felt earned Tower 57 a spot on my most anticipated games "list". One thing I found extremely interesting was that, when an object is set on fire, the fire will eventually begin to spread among the other objects in the area. While we've seen this before in games, it's definitely not something that I've seen done in this genre before, and I think it adds a really compelling element to the gameplay. Another really cool mechanic that was shown was the movement of enemy swarms around cover and obstacles. Oftentimes in twin-stick shooters, enemies have very rudimentary AI and are a bit stale, but it seems that Tower 57's enemies will feature somewhat advanced tactics and this will in turn make the game much more challenging and interesting.


Tower 57 is a really strong concept, and from the gameplay they have shown, looks like a ton of fun to play. With a heavy focus on cooperative play, it seems like it will be a great game to play with friends. If you're interested in having a look at Tower 57, check it out on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight, and be sure to leave some feedback and a contribution or a vote if you can spare the time.