Work is an awful thing we all must do, but there's a special kind of terrible reserved for those first couple of jobs most of us had as teenagers. Developer Andrew Brophy has taken those miserable days slinging fast food and enduring tirades from enraged customers and turned them into a turn-based RPG. Infused with the sense of humor you need to have if you're going to make it through a day of soul-crushing labor at these jobs, Knuckle Sandwich tells a nonsensical story of cults, missing persons, and jerk bosses.

And puns. Runny Nose enemy, don't think I didn't see you there.


Your job at a fast food joint is bad enough, but when people start going missing at the hands of "The Number 1", things get even worse. Just make sure you don't screw up at work too much while trying to crack the case, as your boss is itching to fire you. Your various forms of employment will take the form of minigames, though, so maybe your work won't be that bad. When not earning your pay, you'll be fighting enemies in turn-based combat, using combat skills like 'Curl Up' to live to fight another day. I'm not sure how curling up in the fetal position helps all that much in combat, though, but then again, we ARE fighting Runny Noses, here.


It's a rough journey to take alone, though. The developer mentions that other characters can join the fray, and that these people will provide different story arcs depending on who you take with you. He also hints that these may be old enemies, which could be interesting. Do people treat you differently when you walk around town with a giant Runny Nose in tow? That would explain the different story arcs as everyone avoided you. A silly, surreal RPG, Knuckle Sandwich looks to be a fun, ridiculous look at first jobs.


For more information on Knuckle Sandwich and Andrew Brophy, you can head to the game's site, the developer's site, or follow them on Twitter and TIGSource.