The Square Enix Collective has been a source of some fascinating concepts lately, and every time something from it comes along, it seems to be at least worth paying attention to. Mediocre Monster, now in the feedback phase, is a game from Opal Squad about being a generic RPG enemy. Not an archvillain. Not a scheming advisor. No. Like the title says, you're just a mediocre monster.

Addressing some of the more common questions that arise from RPG tropes, such as why the monsters have items and gold on them, this game has you being defeated by a progressively more capable party of heroes. That's right, defeated. The protagonist, Gob, is here for a paycheque.

You have to obey the rules of the game you're in, which means dropping the right items when you hit 0 HP, reacting to elemental and critical attacks properly, and responding to taunts appropriately. As Gob performs better on the job, his boss at the office will of course promote him. And what does that mean for an RPG enemy? That's right, a palette swap to show off your new level of strength, and more complicated rules to follow from the improving party of heroes.

So what else does this game have to offer besides getting beat up by heroes? Gob takes his weekly pay (minus deductions for any mistakes made on the job, of course), and uses it to develop his house, or the village he's been tasked to develop further. The Grind is the town where RPG monsters come from, and unfortunately many of the inhabitants have gone to other genres over the past several years. As the town grows, you'll be able to invite different monsters to live there. These in turn will enhance the town and industry, as well as opening up activities and opportunities for Gob.

With a smooth, hand-drawn aesthetic, and frame-by-frame animations to pay homage to the more classic feel of RPGs, Mediocre Monster looks charming as well as genuinely funny. Adding to that is its unique take on the "play as an enemy" role reversal story, and the game is something I'm definitely interested in. Fans of old-fashioned RPGs are probably going to want to follow this closely, and I think city-builder fans could find this interesting too. If it sounds good to you, be sure to give feedback on the Square Enix Collective.