Dating is complex enough when you don't have to worry about your partner dying in the muddied front lines of a war. Because We're Here - Mohnblume und Blauerose is an otome visual novel, letting you court dreamy boys to your heart's content, but set during an alternate First World War. Taking place in the bloody, disease-filled trenches, you have to navigate the harsh realities of fierce nationalism, cowardice, and the futility of a country that's doomed to lose the fight, and all while choosing which man you'd like to get closest to. This strange mixture drives Because We're Here's dialogue and events, crafting a game that is depressing, irreverent, and touching at the same time.


Because We're Here's wartime setting puts it at odds with the usual demands of an otome visual novel. It seems a little trite to be worrying about which boys like you best when people are fighting and dying, but Studio Elfriede is well aware of this, going so far as to call the game an anti-dating-sim. It features the typical highlights like romance, dating, love, and boys, but the game's setting necessitates that these things be tinged with threats of violence, guilt, and moments of grey morality. It isn't trying to be some cute dating game during a war, but rather a game that explores the horror of combat and the humanity of those who have to fight.


Studio Elfriede has released an extensive demo (on the left sidebar) for those curious to see how love and war mingle together, one that plays like a standalone story. It should be interesting to see the game come together, as, while love and war aren't typical companions, it's the ability to find love and friendship even in humanity's darkest moments that is one of our best traits. There can be an intense hope in two people finding closeness in one of mankind's most awful times, one that Because We're Here - Mohnblume und Blauerose aspires to capture.

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