11947885_863984676972567_6337504377269052388_o.jpg[This article was written by Shawn Beck and originally posted on Gamasutra.]

Over the weekend in a tucked away township of Cyberjaya Malaysia, Multimedia University (MMU), IGDA Malaysia and Game Jam Collective Malaysia had collaborated to host a real world gathering for the tri-annual Ludum Dare game jam.

We saw developers pour in from all over the country and across the Malaysia-Singapore borders. Students, hobbyists and industry professionals gathered together to work jointly on a single unifying theme - You Are The Monster.

IGDA Malaysia presented a keynote to an eager crowd of more than 40 developers at 9:00pm Friday. Due to the huge time zone gap, participants were brought together 12 hours prior to the theme announcement to acclimatize to their new surroundings. To break the ice, everyone participate in several games of Spaceteam.

The event ended with 12 games shared on a classroom projector. Both jam and compo participants made their submissions online the following days after the event. We also saw more games coming in from developers who decided to work from the comforts of their own home after attending the event's opening keynote. These games were subsequently shared on Game Jam Collective Malaysia. You can check them out here.