pokescape1.gifLudum Dare 33 was last weekend, which means there are now 2700 new game jam games gracing the internet. The theme this time around was You are the Monster. Here are ten entries you might wanna check out.

Blood Moon
Windows | 72-hour Jam | by Magnesium Ninja Studios

bloodmoon.jpgThis is a stealth action platformer in which you must avoid light, but have two forms with different abilities to use for avoiding it. The difficulty progression is amazingly well balanced and the controls are really good.

Boss Stomp!
Web (Non-Unity), Windows | 48-hour Compo | by David Strachan

bossstomp.jpgThis is quite possibly my favorite of the games I've played so far. As the boss monster, you must swing your arms around to hit things. The fun comes from the fact that the arms require momentum and controlling them is interesting as a result.

Campaign Trail OF BODIES
Web (Non-Unity) | 48-hour Compo | by Caelyn Sandel

ctbodies.jpgBe a demon politician, jockeying for power with which to defeat the current president so you can rule in this Twine game. The author is planning a post-compo version with art and music.

Death of a Lich
Windows | 48-hour Compo | by Daniel Linssen

deathofalich.gifThis roguelike is about a lich who can't be killed. His enemies have put the crown in which he slumbers after defeat at the top of a tower so that they have a chance to put him back down before he can be unleashed upon the world again. The player dies pretty easily but can drop down a floor without taking harm, so looking ahead to the next couple of floors is key to success. This is probably my least favorite of Daniel Linssen's games that I've played thus far, but it's still good and a fresh concept that I would like to see developed further.

Windows, Mac, Linux | 48-hour Compo | by Evergreen Games

fired.pngIn this game, you are a bullet that must find and kill all of its targets. The controls are inconsistent, but that didn't stop me from laughing.

Windows, Web (Unity) | 48-hour Compo | by Joseph France

hydra.jpgI don't know if this game ends because my tendonitis couldn't handle how mouse-heavy it is, but this is a great deal of fun. You control a hydra by dragging its neck around to chomp on the knights come to attack it. If they kill a head, it splits in two, which means you get some pretty gnarly snarls of hydra heads, all of which can be rearranged and controlled separately or all at once.

Monsters Reversed
Web (Non-Unity) | 48-hour Compo | by Kcaze

mreversed.pngThis is a cross between Tetris and reversi. A simple concept well executed.

PokEscape: Magicrap's Stealthy Journey for Survival & Gyrodeuce
Windows, Mac, Linux, Web (Unity) | 48-hour Compo | by Steven Tu

pokescape2.jpgThis is a stealth game based on Pokemon. You need the bushes to hide from those who would capture you, but you also need to eat the bushes to survive. Things can get pretty crazy.

WAKE UP! Spread the TRUTH
Windows | 48-hour Compo | by ActiveUp Games

wakeup.jpgA game about spreading unverified click bait on social media. Don't want to spread the current crap the game is feeding you? Clear it out of the queue with "2 secs of research".

Who Shot First

wsf.jpgThis game has a great take on the theme. It might take you a few playthroughs in different ways to see what I mean, but a single playthrough is very short.