Who doesn't like spies? Traveling the world, infiltrating dangerous locales, and being always a moment's mistake from discovery is exhilarating, and thus, a natural fit for action games. Turbogun's retro-inspired 2D action platformer, Master Spy, shows off their thrilling spy gameplay and story in their newest trailer, which they've released to correspond with the announcement of the game's release on Steam, September 8th, 2015.

Bearing more than a passing resemblance to stealth platformers of long ago, Master Spy still manages to look modern and clean with its excellent visuals. The sound effects shown off are charmingly old fashioned, and do manage to enhance the aesthetic, though they are somewhat jarring when compared to the music used. That said, the music itself nails the exotic spy feel right and overall I think it works.

To play through the game, you'll be jumping and platforming your way around as you might expect, but interestingly, Master Spy has a cloaking mechanic to it. This looks like it will enable a lot of ways to negotiate through encounters and options are one of the best ways to keep a stealth game appealing. Also to enhance the replayability of the game, it will offer lots of secret levels to discover, which will alter the overall story, as well as varying difficulty levels in order for you to brush up on your skills.

Stealth action is a fun and exciting genre to many people, and it has always worked well in 2D platformers. A great many classic computer games have combined the two well in the past, and Master Spy looks like a welcome addition to that selection, which genre fans are going to want to strongly consider when it comes out. As well, those who like retro-styled platformers will want to give this is a look, as I think it's going to be something worth their time and effort.