34. Thunderstorm.png

With all of the fantastic games that I am anxiously waiting for, it is easy to say that Jotun is my most anticipated. Having played both the alpha and beta, I've been exposed to the game's fantastic aesthetic, amazing soundtrack, and extremely challenging and entertaining combat system. In addition to the previous Jotuns that we know about, we have finally received an announcement regarding Hagalaz, the Storm Jotun.

Up to this point, we have known about the Cave and Winter Jotuns, who were both threatening and challenging to defeat in combat. Each featured their own interesting mechanics which made the encounters feel fresh, and encouraged you to implement a new strategy to defeat each of them. From the Winter Jotun's charge to the Cave Jotun's shield bash, you were constantly on the move as you attempted to avoid their powerful attacks and vanquish these dangerous foes.

Newly announced, Hagalaz, the Storm Jotun is a being made entirely of energy standing over 100 ft tall. Residing atop Yggdrasil, which is the home of the Sun, Moon, and stars, Hagalaz reigns and defends her realm at all costs. Attempting to vanquish this foe will require you to make it to the highest parts of the mountain, which is a dangerous journey in itself.

37. Energized clones.png

In terms of her abilities, we Hagalaz features 4 major attacks/powers. Her lightning beam will fire a deadly beam of lightning at you, dealing incredible damage if it connects. Thunder Storm summons a lightning bolt from the sky as a result of Hagalaz's screams, which must be avoided. Teleport allows her to avoid danger or move to a more advantageous position. Finally, her clone ability allows her to create a duplicate of herself that is equally as dangerous.

With three Jotuns currently announced, I'm already impressed by the diversity in terms of mechanics. Each boss seems to have their own fighting style, which will require you to adapt to the situation in order to come out of the encounter alive. Such variety with mechanics keeps the game fresh, and while we aren't sure how many Jotuns we can expect in the final game, I can only hope that we continue to see variety and innovation with the bosses that are announced in the future.

The trailer for the latest boss can be found here.