owhp.jpgOne Way Heroics is a cross between a JRPG and a roguelike, the result of developer Smoking WOLF's desire to make a sidescrolling RPG. It came out in February of last year and proved to be one of the most unique indie games of 2014. Now One Way Heroics has an expansion, One Way Heroics Plus, that adds tons of new content and some new mechanics.

For those unfamiliar with the base game, One Way Heroics takes place in a setting where darkness is slowly eating every world in every dimension and the player must stay ahead of the darkness until they can find and defeat the villain. It's story light, with a focus on procedurally generated worlds and the risks of trying to get new and better loot, maintain the loot the player already has, and juggle getting more experience with surviving. Many of its menus and systems scream JRPG, but it's grid-based and every step or action taken uses up a turn. Every couple of turns, the darkness advances from left to right, scrolling the world with it. If the player gets caught by the darkness, they lose. If they run out of HP, they lose.

One Way Heroics Plus adds new content in the form of three new character classes to choose from, more items, more skills, more NPC types, and new tilesets. The new character classes are Force Knight (definitely not a Jedi because that would be copyright infringement), Ninja, and Tourist. The latter of these is designed to be very weak, giving advanced players another option for increasing the game's difficulty. All in all, the new content is designed to enhance replayability in a variety of ways. There have also been some updates to the game's user-friendliness, including the addition of hotkey capabilities, and improved indicators. New mechanics are unlocked by upgrading the starting castle that appears at the beginning of each run.

The base game is already one of the best deals on Steam in my opinion, having a regular price of $3.49 and often going on sale for less than a dollar. The One Way Heroics Plus expansion is actually more expensive than the base game at the regular price of $6.49. That brings the total price up to about ten dollars, which I think is a very fair price for the game. If you're not sure if the game is for you, then you're in luck; the base game is currently $0.87 on Steam for the launch of the expansion, so you can try the base game before deciding if you want the expansion or not. One Way Heroics Plus itself is 10% off right now. One Way Heroics and One Way Heroics Plus are available on both Steam and Playism.