Interesting ideas can be difficult to come by. In recent times, we've seen many games feature similar, if not identical, themes and repeat the same mechanics time and time again. While there is definitely something to be said about improving on classic mechanics, there is nothing, to me, like a fresh concept that manages to execute perfectly. Party Hard is a perfect example of a game with an interesting concept. As an angry person who lives next to the noisiest neighbors imaginable, you decide the only way to put a stop to the noise is the murder everyone at the party.

Party Hard first caught my eye a few months ago, when it was picked up by TinyBuild and given a short in-browser demo. Before I even touched the demo, I was intrigued by the hilarious concept of the game. Everyone has had an experience with noisy neighbors, and to create a game that features someone reacting in the most extreme manner to this event was quite interesting.

Simply put, Party Hard places you in the shoes of someone who is just tired of having to deal with their noisy neighbors' parties. While calling the police is always an option, you know that they will do nothing other than to request that they keep it down. With nowhere else to turn, you grab your knife and decide to take matters into your own hands.


The goal of the game is simple: eliminate all partygoers while managing to stay hidden and avoid being captured by police. While Party Hard features a very simple control scheme, the deep strategy elements that are on display in the gameplay itself are quite impressive. Planning your route through the party in order to eliminate your enemies in silent ways is extremely challenging, yet also very rewarding and satisfactory when you manage to pull it off.

While your knife is your main weapon that you will be using to squash the noise problem, you'll also have access to various objects in the environment which you can use to finish the partygoers. In this manner, Party Hard almost reminds me of a 2D Hitman, where you must stealthily eliminate your targets, but there is no cemented path that you must take in order to get there. These choices really make Party Hard shine, and I feel that being able to approach situations in different ways will add to the replay value of the game.


While multiple paths can be taken to reach the final goal of eliminating all of the partygoers, you will also have the ability to have random events triggered through the use of the game's Twitch integration. While you are streaming on Twitch, people in the chat have the ability to vote on the events that take place, such as random SWAT raids, firefighters coming in, and bears coming in and clearing out everyone for you. These random events sound hilarious, and I think having the ability to allow your Twitch community to vote on what happens will be quite a bit of fun.

Party Hard is an extremely silly game. Being angry at noise neighbors is part of life, but your character manages to take it to the next level and turn their rage into something homicidal. While the aesthetic of the game is simple, it manages to look quite nice and fits the humorous theme very well. The mechanics may seem simple from the outside, but the amount of strategy required to efficiently navigate a level and eliminate all of the people is very challenging and extremely entertaining.

If Party Hard sounds like something you'd like, you can find it on Steam starting on August 25th.