As someone who frequently looks at Steam Greenlight to see what games are looking for approval, I often come across some really crazy projects. From the completely terrible to the extremely creative and innovative titles, I've encountered many really amazing games from the Greenlight service. One of these games that I've come across more recently is Retro Invasion, a very innovative game that features a combination of modern shooter gameplay and retro brawling.

Trying to understand exactly how these two concepts combine into one function game is extremely difficult. I must say, even the trailer didn't quite convince me the first time through. It took me a few watches to really begin to understand the concept of the game, and even then I'm still not quite sure about how entertaining it would be in practice. However, the innovation and the use of something new is something that I find compelling, and is the biggest reason why I feel Retro Invasion is worth a look.

Retro Invasion is set in a future where old-school games voxelize the modern world. The game puts you in control of Mike, who is the modern gun-user, and Rik, who is the retro brawler, as they attempt to repel the armies of retro enemies. The concept is fairly simple, but definitely something that I've never come across before. Immediately, I was intrigued by the combination of retro and modern gameplay mechanics, and I cannot wait to see how these two concepts work together.

In terms of its visuals, Retro Invasion features a really interesting style. While most areas in the level are modeled in a more modern style, many of the characters are drawn in a retro style, which creates a really interesting contrast of the older characters in new environments. I feel that the combination of new and old really works well when it comes to how the game looks, as it's a new style that I haven't really seen before. It almost reminds me of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, where you had the cartoon characters animating in the real world, and that movie was mind-blowing for me as a kid because the contrast between the two worlds was so extreme.

Both Rik and Mike will be limited based on the era that they are from. This means that each character will be required to tackle certain challenges that they other will not be able to accomplish. As a co-op game, I can see Retro Invasion being a great bit of fun. It would almost be as if you and a friend would be playing two separate games, as one of you controls the shooting and the other controls the brawling. As you progress and complete various co-op activities, you'll unlock the ability to use era-mixing combo attacks to devastate your enemies.

Retro Invasion has recently been Greenlit on Steam, which was accomplished in less than two weeks. The game is such an interesting mash-up of two genres, that I cannot wait to see what becomes of it. While these sort of combinations can always be risky, it's great to see that there is a developer out there who is willing to take these risks in an attempt to bring something fresh to the world of gaming. If you'd like to have a look at Retro Invasion, you can find it on Steam Greenlight.