nng1.jpgI've previewed Q-Games's Nom Nom Galaxy a couple of times during the course of its run in early access, but now the game has officially launched. In the time since I last looked at the game, they've added the promised co-op and challenge modes.

For those unfamiliar with Nom Nom Galaxy, it's the newest entry in the PixelJunk series. Originally called PixelJunk, Inc., Nom Nom Galaxy is a cross between a tycoon game and a 2D survival sandbox. It has a silly story about soup being the most popular food in the galaxy and demand for new kinds of soup driving Robo-shacho to send you, an astroworker drone, to explore uncharted planets and use whatever you find there as soup ingredients. Being part tycoon game gives the player an overarching goal (overtake rivals' market share) to strive for on each planet while still giving the player freedom to achieve the goal however they want to.

nng2.jpgThe 1.00 release of Nom Nom Galaxy includes new modes. Co-op mode supports up to two players in local splitscreen mode or four players in online mode. Players can join and leave as they please. Challenge mode gives players to test their skills in specific types of situations such as combat, terrain traversal, and sales. Some challenges are solo and others are co-op.

If a soup-powered sandbox sounds like your thing, consider giving Nom Nom Galaxy a try. It's available for Windows with a 20% launch discount off its regular price of $9.99. The game was also released for PlayStation 4 earlier this year and is $14.99 on that platform.