Developers have been pushing the boundaries of the stories and experiences games can convey for years. Unique, innovative work is coming out every single day, making this one of the most exciting times to be playing games. You truly never know what you will see from this medium any more, which is why there is now a game called Sploot where you play a seagull and poop on people. Truly, this is the future, my friends.

This is the future.


Sploot does look pretty entertaining with its bright visuals and silly task. You're a seagull with a bowel problem, so you've decided to have some fun with it by covering the city with poo. You receive a score based on how many buildings, cars, and people you make a mess of. Covering a town in feces is exhausting work for a lone seagull, though, so you have to give in to your insatiable need for bread here and there to keep your energy up (and add some time to the clock). Allowing players to beat their own high scores, how much of the city can you ruin before you're too weak to continue?


It's a funny idea, but virtual reality is what makes Sploot truly special. Experiencing flight first-hand is something I genuinely want to see in VR, so that it has a silly game along with it makes it even more fun. That's not to say that PC players have been left out, as the game does control well in flight for someone with a keyboard and mouse, requiring some aerial maneuvers to hit the targets you want. If dousing a town in poop sounds like it would tickle your funnybone, go give the game's free download a try (or maybe donate something more if you really enjoy it).

Sploot is available for free on Itch.io. For more information on the game and Edge of Prophecy, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on YouTube, Itch.io, and Twitter.