We love to speculate on what the future holds. It's been a core part of our entertainment for a long time, and games are no exception to this. Games have been a natural venue for science fiction stories since the earliest days, and the more our technology has improved, so too has the degree to which we've been able to explore envisions of a rapidly approaching future. With an eye to the future, Fenrir Studios have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming stealth action title, Dark Storm: Ascension.

In Dark Storm's vision of the future, the global energy crisis has further taken its toll, and now the use of dark matter as an energy source is the last desperate attempt of humankind to hold stave off the crisis. The prospect of clean and efficient energy is enough to cause more sinister powers that be to attempt to prevent this from happening, and so they have attacked the laboratory which has unraveled the secrets of dark matter in order to stop this era of global prosperity from coming to pass.

You play as former Special Forces officer Amber Kingsley, dishonourably discharged and now hired on to provide security for the laboratory through the private military company Ancile. Trapped within the facility, Amber has to find her way through the facility, avoiding the attackers, to find her friend Jill Haley and find out what's going on in regards to their mysterious opposing force.

The developers promise to leverage the technology of Unreal Engine 4 to enhance the stealth/action gameplay. With destructible environments allowing you to navigate your way through the facility as you deem necessary, it should offer some interesting gameplay options - being able to blow open doors rather than look for switches or keycards might be a welcome change to some fans of the genre.

Added to the destructible environments are a variety of stealth elements, such as a camouflage system, stealth takedowns, and ways to distract your enemies as you move through the levels. Being true to the trappings of the stealth genre is by no means a bad thing and I think it's good to see that Fenrir Studios doing just that. They also promise a drone deployed map system, which, while they aren't saying too much about what it is, they are saying it's very important to the game, so I'm interested to see how this map system will work to innovate within the genre. Good maps and information are paramount to a stealth/action experience.

The campaign runs until September 1st, and has a target of $50,000. Already with over a thousand dollars pledged in its early days, there are definitely signs of interest in this project. The stealth/action genre has gotten a lot of attention of late from major game developers, and it's great to see independent developers dip into the well too. Fans of the genre will certainly want to follow closely as Dark Storm rolls in. There's a free demo on Steam, called Dark Storm: VR Missions, so you can get a sample of the game itself before you decide to back it or not.