There's an appeal to steampunk. Of clockwork and steam, of flying about in mechanical oddities in a world that feels long past. Incubator Games has latched onto this with their upcoming title, Trudy's Mechanicals, which is a Slavic-inspired turn based tactical game set inside a massive dirigible.

Aboard Trudy, the namesake airship, the citizens adapt to life in the skies by replacing their body parts with mechanical ones to labour on the assembly lines. Drastic, perhaps, but the alternative being starvation and poisoning beneath the toxic mists below, for many it's an unavoidable trade off. But not a welcome one for all, and revolution begins to brew aboard the Trudy.

These citizens begin to rise up against the gentry of the ship and the game focuses on this through its turn-based tactical game play. Choosing to forego the traditional RPG roles that most tactical games use, instead it goes for a hero-focused ability system similar to MOBAs. It's definitely an interesting decision, and I hope to see it pan out well to create some unique and memorable characters to go with the unique setting of the game.

And it is something unique. To go along with the massive dirigible which collects new parts over the years as it has flown above the mists below, they've replaced the bowler hats and refined wines we've seen in most steampunk settings countless times before. Instead, with its more Slavic spin, fur caps and strong vegetable-distilled spirits abound. A subtle change for sure but it's different and that's welcome to see in an aesthetic that could easily be viewed as having grown a bit stale over the years.

The developers promise to have different ways to interact with the environment and your enemies. Being able to, for example, scavenge parts from your defeated foes or allies seems like both an interesting and slightly unsettling, albeit thematically suitable, mechanic that I look forward to seeing in action. On top of this, of course, is destructible environments, interactive towers and turrets, and deployable bridges to enhance the tactical gameplay.

Incubator Games looks to have a really fascinating game on their hands. Steampunk and turn based games can easily feel like old hat these days, but taking both of these in a new direction is certainly worth paying attention to for fans of either. Trudy's Mechanicals is expected to launch on PC in early 2016, possibly with other platforms to follow later on.