Dustbowl1.pngAliens have once again invaded and, turning Earth into a bona fide wasteland aside, they seem to have colored everything with the nostalgic and atmospheric palette of the Commodore 64. They even used the chunkiest pixels they could find too and that's why players should simply grab action-adventure-RPG Dustbowl and make things right. Probably save post-apocalyptic Earth too.

In Dustbowl players will have to care for their underground bunker, run errands, fight mutants, sneak in abandoned mines, craft molotov cocktails and find a rather missing and quite heroic father, while making sure they do not die of hunger, thirst, exhaustion, radiation, poison or stray bullets. Come to think of it, dying can happen in a variety of interesting ways in the world of Dustbowl and that's actually good. The sense of constant danger really does help with the atmosphere as, of course, do the muted retro-esque graphics and the ravaged Wasteland-esque scenery.

Gameplay-wise Dustbowl manages to do away with its old fashioned tendencies and provide with a simple, streamlined interface that's a joy to use and doesn't get in the way of all the exploring and RPGing. Even the action-y yet turn-based combat proved itself both functional and enjoyable despite initially seeming like an odd design choice. And I couldn't help but smile my most satisfied smile when I entered the top-down, open world map of the thing.

What's more, the game's about to get even better. Dustbowl's sandbox mode should be ready within the month and I simply cannot wait to experience the tense isolation the game provides in a more procedural, definitely different way.

Dustbowl is currently available on Steam and the Pompous Pixel site for Windows. You can also follow it on twitter and indieDB. Oh, and download the demo here.