Ever feel eyes on your back when walking home alone at night? Sense that something was watching you? Think you heard it creeping up on you? In Ylzor's GUILT, you are correct in your assumption. There are things watching you. Following you. They will kill you if they catch you. And you're noisy. Clumsy. They're fast and sharp. They'll see you. Hunt you down. Leave nothing behind. So you have to be careful. Oh so very careful, or else they won't even leave a corpse behind for your friends to find in the daylight. You'll just be gone.


GUILT may be short, but it still finds time for an interesting concept. You must carefully make your way through the woods at night while avoiding attentive, vicious little creatures. You can't see what they can, but the game does tell you just how noisy you're being with a little visual burst every time you take a step. If you tiptoe, the burst is small, but if you walk or run, it gets bigger and bigger, making you more noticeable. Since you don't know what the enemies can see and hear, this mechanic breeds a paranoia that paralyzes the player, making you not want to move at all. What if they detect my movement? See me coming? It makes you cautious, or it drives you into a panicked run, praying for rescue.


The simplicity of the creatures seemed like it would hinder the fear, but having something chasing the player, effortless closing the distance no matter how hard you run, is chilling. These creatures don't stay simple for very long, either, soon becoming the stuff of living nightmares as the shadows themselves rise up against you. GUILT offers some great tension and heart-pounding chases during its short duration, leaving me hoping the developer expands on this short game into something longer and even more frightening later.

GUILT is up for voting on the 2015 Indie Game Maker Contest. For more information on the game and Ylzor, you can follow them on GameJolt, YouTube, and Twitter.