Can a janitor really just jump in and become the chief surgeon in the Space Veterinary Program? Is that even a good idea when giant space whale lives are on the line? I know space whales can't be too picky given the rash of diseases going about, but should we really throw medical knowledge out the window and just hire the next guy we see? It's unorthodox, but Thar Be Monster's plan just might bear fruit in Blubber Busters, a game of galactic medicine doled out with flamethrowers and 2D action.


For a janitor, Rudy is pretty good with weaponry. Given that the illnesses in these poor space whales seem to be large enough for a person to require heavy firearms instead of vaccines, maybe he is suited for the job. According to the developers, each whale has a different form of illness, which one could assume means various enemies for you to blast through. Thar Be Monsters says there's a different mechanic to each sick whale, though, so things could get far more complex than just new enemy types. Still, fast-paced combat is a big part of space medicine, as enemy swarms and huge bosses abound.


Those sick whales look quite pretty, given Blubber Busters' hand-painted art style. The audio promises to be just as gorgeous (and pulse-pounding), as Chris Christodoulou (Risk of Rain, The Sea Will Claim Everything) has been tapped for the project. So, get that resume updated, ignite your pilot light, and get ready to jump into a job you have absolutely no training for as you try to save some sick animals and maybe figure out why every other surgeon is dead. Pretty big career leap for a janitor, but hey, everyone starts out somewhere.

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