80daysPC.pngAfter popularizing interactive fiction on iOS and Android, Inkle's wonderful globetrotting adventure / steampunk retelling of Jule Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days has finally made it to Steam, GOG and the Humble Store for Windows and Mac.

It's the same excellent game only better and bigger and rebuilt to fit properly sized monitors. New secrets, cities, characters and adventures have been added to the already brilliant vignettes and exotic locales and you'll thus be able to visit the Moon, a floating village and, maybe, Atlantis, while trying to circle the globe as fast as possible.

Airships, mechanical camels, submarines, steam-cars, retro futuristic trains and more will become available to you as you explore cities, unlock routes, buy and sell monocles and run into all sorts of trouble. Apparently you'll even be able to join forces with Europe's most notorious jewel thief and play a hand of poker with an equally notorious billionaire.

If you haven't tried 80 Days on a phone or a tablet, well, now's your chance and if you have here's what's new and should also be coming to touch devices on October 1. Also, here's a trailer: