fistful.pngClayton Boon is evil and a railroad baron. It only made sense for him to build a track leading straight to Hell, just as it made sense for a team of murderous gunslingers to fight their way through bandits, bears, cows and cowboys in order to stop him. And, in a way, pay their debt. You know, with A Fistful of Gun and for a few gun more, in what can only be described as the most outrageous co-op shooter the Wild West has ever known.

Created by the lovely FarmerGnome, A Fistful of Gun, you see, is indeed outrageous. And different. And happy to fill your screens with bullets, blood, explosions and funny things, while being a frantic and actually brilliant shooter. It's a hugely entertaining game overflowing with weird ideas, tons of content, smart pixel-art and eleven wildly different characters to play as.

Here, have a look at this trailer and you'll get a pretty good idea of what to expect:

Yes, that really is eleven unique shooters and you'll be able to control them in solo and co-op mode. Or master them and take them online on deadly versus matches, though --I humbly suggest-- only after playing through the campaign. A Fistful of Gun offers a completely bonkers story involving everything from peyote and trains to poker and shamans, that'll impress you with its varied stages and excellent design. Frankly, it should not be missed.

A Fistful of Gun by FarmerGnome and Devolver is out now for Windows on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store.