cataegis.jpgSporting a truly epic title, Cataegis - The White Wind: Ziggurat Chapter has at long last left its lengthy early access period and brought its finished EGA-inspired, Strider-esque, Windows-only self to Steam and

Now, as I've already mentioned a few months ago, this is a frantic, tough, beautifully pixelated and very retro in its sensibilities arcade offering that has been designed to really test your reflexes and tactical on-the-fly decision making.

To give you an example, it took me roughly 30 minutes just to beat the very first stage of the thing and, frankly, this was a taxing, nostalgic and absolutely rewarding game experience.

Happily the rest of Cataegis has proven to be great so far too, what with its clever set-pieces, lovely cinematics, old fashioned soundtrack, fantastic boss battles, attention to detail and relentless action. What's more, the game goes as far as offering dozens of different endings and, impressively, it even lets you make decisions involving sparing enemies to either fight you another day or become your allies.