Sometimes, you wake from a dream with new purpose. Foolish or not, you feel compelled to follow that meaning wherever it takes you, chasing after your life's new direction no matter where it takes you. From the dizzying heights of city rooftops to the depths of its turtle-infested sewers, you have no choice but to see where this dream will lead your life. Dumb or not, these thoughts compels you through the bleak, yet hopeful Journey to the Center of the Sun, a contemplation on following your dreams and talking to martial arts amphibians.


Not every dream is a good idea, but that doesn't stop the protagonist of Journey to the Center of the Sun. Lacking a rocket ship and the fact that they'll burn up on the trip doesn't slow the protagonist down as they explore the city, looking for ways to raise eight zillion dollars to buy a stolen rocket ship from a shady rooftop salesman. On that adventure, you'll talk to coffee shop owners about crowdfunding campaigns, converse with ducks about life as a pet, and help a crime-fighting turtle out of a lonely bind. It's a goofy point-and-click adventure, and the conversation with the game's inhabitants is rarely boring.


The art makes it seem like the game would be bleak, but it's the combination of the downcast landscapes and the hopeful, silly dialogue that gives the game this strange power. It's extremely silly, but there's something uplifting about someone living in this strange, foreboding world and finding happiness through a dream. It's just a bit of lighthearted fun, but it carries a hopeful message for those of us trying to find our way to happiness in our own dark lives. Cutting off just before truth would tinge the bright future the protagonist hopes for, it's a delightful, fun journey to join them on.


Journey to the Center of the Sun is available to play for free on the developer's site. For more information on Lava Monkey Games and Chad Lare, you can follow them on Twitter.