The makers of Game Dev Tycoon, Greenheart Games, have begun a charity sale of the management sim to raise money for humanitarian aid in response to the European refugee crisis. Until 12 PM UTC October 10th, 100% of the profits of Game Dev Tycoon made on their Crisis Charity Sale page will go towards the humanitarian effort. In addition, any tips paid on top of the regular purchase price out will be matched by Greenheart Games up to a maximum of $5000.

Game Dev Tycoon is a charming tycoon game about running a game development studio across the eras of gaming history. From the most humble beginnings, working out of a garage, to managing a AAA studio and juggling multiple projects at once, it's an enjoyable experience to sink time into. It's not the most complicated simulation, but it is fun and approachable.

The first destination for funds received will be Caritas Middle East Crisis Appeal, a program that promises 92% of received donations goes directly towards the emergency efforts. Greenheart has stated that if they raise enough funds, they will begin to look at additional programs of similar reputation.

Since Greenheart Games is not a registered charity, any purchases of the game will not be tax deductible. Sales will be made through an widget, though Steam keys will be provided allowing customers to play that game on both Windows and Linux systems.