Jotun is a game that has had one of the most successful and exciting marketing campaigns in recent memory. It seems like every few weeks we are treated to a brand new boss announcement, which is met with a trailer and an update for those who had the chance to gain access to the alpha and beta builds. Each trailer is but a glimpse into the newest gorgeous environment and towering Jotun that we can expect from the game, but manages to build a ton of excitement. This week, we have not only been treated to the announcement of the Fire Jotun, Kaunan, but have also been informed of the game's impending release date.

In the latest trailer, we get a small taste of Muspelheim, the realm of fire. This is a realm that is populated with deadly armies of fire giants, all under the command of the towering fire Jotun Kaunan. Kaunan has been hard at work attempting to forge the perfect sword for thousands of years, as well as ensuring that his army of giants is prepared to go to battle with the Gods. Kaunan features some really interesting moves, ranging from simple sword slashes to a powerful jumping attack that is extremely deadly if not avoided.

Jotun is nearing its release date of September 29th, where you can purchase it on Steam for $14.99. From what I've played thus far, it's definitely a game that is worth keeping an eye on, at the very least.