An homage to classic gameplay mechanics and playstyles, A Credible Tale of Yokai, Robots & the Lunar Tourist combines Japanese folklore with a variety of retro and contemporary gaming aspects. Drawing on roots and inspirations from some of the most treasured classics of the SNES era, Overclocked Games hopes to create something that appeals both to retro gaming fans and modern ones alike with the title, which is now on Kickstarter.

The most impressive thing so far with A Credible Tale has to be its visual aesthetics. The beautiful hand drawn world is expansive and richly detailed, and the sprites have detail and a life all to their own. The consistent look is evocative of ink drawings and definitely brings together the traditional feel the game wants to instill.

Also compelling is the promise to combine retro JRPG and 16-bit action RPG gameplay with modern styles such as city building and tower defense. A variety of traps and characters should be at the player's disposal, and it is expected that you'll be able to spend the day portion of gameplay developing your city and preparing for night, when the hordes of yokai come to attack.

Taking the immersion another step farther, another stated goal of the title is to aid in the teaching of Japanese through gameplay. I know this will be appealing to some folks, and the opportunity to enable learning is an often unexplored and unappreciated element of gaming. If Overclocked can pull off making it approachable and fun without hindering the gameplay, it should be worthwhile.

The characters of the game will be customizable, with opportunities to mix skills and strategies to suit your playstyle. In addition, it is expected that certain skills will synergize with one another, allowing players to discover combination attacks to create more and more powerful effects. This, along with the tower-defense style trap construction, could lead to a lot of interesting, dynamic gameplay, which may be enough to bring people along who are indifferent to those style of games.

A Credible Tale is certainly a unique project. There's a lot of ambition behind what Overclocked Games wants to accomplish, yet their early work is definitely showing promise. With some excellent artwork already, and a team that appears dedicated and committed to the vision of the game, this could have a lot to offer. Retro action RPG fans I think are definitely going to want to follow this title, as well as fans of modern tower defense. I also think anyone who is interested in Japanese culture could find a lot to be excited about here as well.